Chi siamo

Our company

Best in Show is a brand that is part of the Darwinpet group, founded in 2012.

The idea of this product, completely natural, was born to better nourish the dogs and cats of our breeding: standard Bull Terrier, Caucasian Shepherds and Sacred cat of Burma.

Thanks to the quality of the product and after only a few years of administration of Barnie's, 4-legged friends are always fit, active and vital.

Comforted by these excellent results, the company decides to share this success and to produce in-house a complete line of food for dogs and cats. Natural, balanced with a high metabolic index and very digestible for animals of all races.

What produce

The spearhead of our company is a 100% Italian product: the revolutionary crunch for dogs and cats that goes beyond the classic and traditional production method thanks to the introduction of the innovative SELECTIVE EXTRUSION.

Using this method the raw materials are extruded and processed separately making them similar to 90%.

We would like to clarify that our croquette is artisanal, has no preservatives or appetizing, thanks to the "glazing", is very attractive and our customers have solved several problems related to hair, feces, kidney and liver of their 4-legged friends.

Our product is produced at low temperatures unlike traditional extrusions, in addition we use only the highest quality materials, keeping the percentage of meat high.

Our goal

Trying to meet the needs of a careful and caring clientele, not only what our best 4-legged friends eat, but also the environment in which they live, our company maintains a concrete "mission" towards protecting the environment, working more and more on the environmental impact.

Everything goes in the direction of environmental respect, starting with the bag containing our precious product, realized in the GREEN STYLE spirit. Produced in recyclable and 98% biodegradable paper and has a much lower environmental impact than traditional non-biodegradable plastic bags.

Recently we have eliminated the adhesive tape from our packaging and we try to produce utility items with a low environmental impact: We aim to become a zero impact company.